Morning Prayer:Lord, When I’m full of my plans it’s easy to think only of what matters to me. Deliver me from self-absorption. Even when others are insensitive, may I respond with gentle strength. Amen.

well it was a great Easter just hanging with friends.  No ham, potatoe salad or anything that most would call traditional but non of us even really think of that anymore. the weather was perfect and 3 people that were missing on a boat from 5pm last night were found!!!! I have been praying all day. woohoo!! thank you Lord.

Next week at school I am going to be teaching the second piece of armor  – the breastplate of righteousness. please pray that at least a few kids understand and it will make a change in their lives. okay have a good week.

iWell when stressed out we go diving. Thankfully the place we like wasn’t packed with Semena Santa visitors. I haven’t been in awhile so I needed some reminding but it was beautiful. We saw an eel and two trunk fish plus many more cool fish.  This morning (Saturday) the girls are coming to craft and have resurrection day cake…:). I have really been practicing duolingo (Spanish). My prayer request is to be able to go to language school for four weeks this year. We’ll have a great Saturday and a blessed HE IS RISEN Sunday – in Him, Jamie

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